Go even further: The post-doctoral fellowship

Completion of the thesis opens up a new period in the scientific career, which can take various shapes depending on the circumstances: access stable employment or pursue active education in the form of a post-doctoral fellowship, the duration of which is often one year and which may be renewed, allowing for personal experience and additional knowledge to be acquired.
It is recommended you ensure in particular that any post-doctoral fellowship provides unquestionable further benefit to the thesis in direct relation to the intended employment on its completion.
In this sense, post-doctoral fellowships are not standby positions, even though they are clearly temporary, but rather a new professional experience that allow for the skills pallet to be broadened, for convictions or knowledge to be challenged in a different context, and for other ways of working, seeing, experimenting on and conducting a project to be discovered.

Choose your post-doctoral fellowship

To choose your fellowship, it is strongly recommended to plan this as of the 2nd year of the thesis in relation to your professional project.

Projects may be envisaged on a global scale without any real restrictions

  • Most countries grant a specific visa provided the reception conditions are official.
  • The most famous reRechercher teams are clearly the most requested

To find a host, the principle is always fairly similar : an application must be made to the reRechercher team and its scientific director.

Mutual approval and knowledge of the post-doctoral scientific project will trigger the Rechercher for funding.

Several funding applications will often be lodged with organisations and institutions likely to fund the project, unless the team decides to use its own funds.

"The thesis is not only a scientific project, it is also a personal project that requires motivation and investment. It is a very enriching experience beyond the field of science".
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Emilie Groison
"While it is true that a thesis is the result of personal work, it is also the work of an entire project team. My thesis took place within the framework of a major technological innovation project involving industrialists, technological manufacturers and our research laboratory".
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Florian Trichard
Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Lyon
Participation in an international conference in one’s speciality often allows for a direct discussion to be initiated with managers of the host team and steps to be taken for a future fellowship.