You multiply your chance of finding a job

Doctors of Chemistry are sure to enjoy an exciting career! Every year, company requirements exceed the number of newly qualified people.

Our analyses in the field and others made internationally, show that the 800 Doctors of Chemistry educated in France are far from being surplus to corporate requirements. In fact, the labour pools for doctors have expanded slightly from larger groups towards SME/VSEs.

Very often with niche positions, these are proof of great dynamism, are at the forefront of reRechercher and market products and services with extremely high added value.


Doctor and entrepreneur

Doctors and entrepreneurs share common problems and visions for which they may find answers together:

  • Skill issues on fast developing subjects
  • Assessment and management of risks, inaccuracies and change
  • Training actions, developing innovation, etc
Both are faced with the same types of challenge: tackling change, adapting to progress, finding ideas that will make a difference! Enterprise and the PhD can therefore be of mutual benefit and offer a very significant opportunity for development.
You are sure to enjoy a rich and exciting career in France or abroad
The chemistry PhD truly opens the doors onto the world. In France, chemistry has always been a sector of excellence that has seen several Nobel Prizes awarded.

Recognised internationally, the PhD allows you to make a career on every continent and in every type of company, French and foreign.
You will be able to ply your trade in all sorts of companies: large, medium, small, start-ups, and in the free market sector
Whether within a large corporation or in an SME, start-up, innovative company or even in a so-called “translational research” company (making the link between scientific discovery and industrialisation), a Doctor of Chemistry plays an important role.

Many companies seek to stand out in traditional sectors through innovation and the technical nature of their products. For others, it is about inventing the future, finding, developing and industrialising solutions and offers that meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century. Whether an entrepreneur, researcher, responsible for industrialisation or processes, the doctor in chemistry plays a key role in all these companies.
You are sure to be able to ply your trade in nearly every sector of activity
Careers for doctors of chemistry are in no way limited to a single chemistry sector identified and coded by the professional body
Chemists are found in nearly every sector of activity: car constructors and fitters, nuclear, materials, the environment, biotech, green tech…the list is endless!

For example, an expert chemist finds a choice job with a sub-contractor for the car sector that must obtain certificates of legal authenticity, resolve problems linked to new legal, industrial and environmental standards in which chemistry is directly involved.
You are sure to carry out a range of duties
Employment of doctors in the pubic sector in France, such as universities, the CNRS, the CEA, INRA, INSERM, only represents 20 to 25% of jobs for which no growth is currently predicted in Europe.

Above all, the PhD of course offers exiting career R&D functions R&D departments , but also certainly in business unit management functions in international trade and more generally in all types of technical or business management positions with a high level of responsibility, in particular with the very high technical nature relating to chemistry (analytical instruments, processes, innovative materials, nanotechnologies, modelling).

The technical nature is such that only doctors are authorised to carry out negotiations and capable of answering questions from potential clients. Examples: Agilent, Bruker, fermentation in Bordeaux, etc

In several legal and official situations, negotiating public/private partnerships, relationships with supra-national authorities (Europe, international organisations under the UN, for example), only doctors are authorised by way of their title and their experience to attest to the validity of what is discussed. Above all, the career of a doctor of science is that of a true expert, sought after and respected.
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From basic reRechercher to applied reRechercher, marketing and international trade, management executives, entrepreneurs, etc Doctors of Chemistry can be found in every business department.