Funding a thesis

Funding is mandatory for a thesis and is the main responsibility of the host team and more specifically of the Thesis Supervisor.

Remuneration for a PhD candidate may come from various sources

Doctoral contracts from public higher education or reRechercher establishments (published in the official French Republic bulletin on 25 April 2009)

PhD candidate contracts with reRechercher bodies: CNRS, ADEME, CEA, etc.

PhD candidate contracts from regional authorities (Regions first and foremost)

Funding from associations that support reRechercher (especially medical reRechercher)

CIFREs (Industrial Training through ReRechercher Agreements) that allow PhD candidates to carry out their reRechercher project within a company, actively involved in the works and their consequences

Work contracts based on reRechercher contracts allocated by the National ReRechercher Agency, by the European Union or by a company. Consult the host team

Funding from foreign Governments for their citizens, from the French Ministry of foreign affairs (French ambassadors), from the French-speaking universities agency, etc.

A few remuneration amounts

Doctoral contracts from public higher education or reRechercher establishments

From 1700 to 2000€ gross / month

if the PhD candidate integrates additional assignments (introduction to higher education or other assignments)

Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies – CEA 

2100€ gross / month

Industrial agreements for training through reRechercher – CIFRE

2000€ gross / month

Funding by an international thesis co-supervisory body


Depending on the establishments and the content of the co-supervision agreement, the PhD candidate only pays the enrolment fee in one establishment (generally the one where he/she will defend the thesis).

There is a social cover requirement in both countries (discuss methods when setting up the co-supervision agreement: refer to the International Relations departments of the Universities concerned).

Further information is in the official text of the decree of 6 January 2005

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Funding mobility

Applications are to be sent to the administration of the candidate’s doctoral school that is a network member, for consideration and forwarding.

The Maison de la Chimie International Foundation and the Doctoral Schools of Chemistry Network offer 10 grants of EUR 1,500 to allow PhD candidates to travel abroad to present their works within the context of high-level conferences, seminar invitations or work placements in recognised institutions.