Le RedoX

Our history

The Redox network was created in July 2009 in the form of a non-profit organisation, with head office at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.

The aim of Doctoral Schools is to accompany laboratories in managing their thesis subjects, in the recruitment, in the education and in the professional integration of young PhD-holders.

Aware of the essential role played by Doctoral Schools in the quality of education for Doctors of Chemistry, the project initiators noted a degree of isolation in their practice.

The idea also grew naturally from several pioneers who had the insight that creating a network would allow them to enrich their everyday practices with the experience of their peers: Redox was born!

Our missions and our objectives

Grouping together more than 20 Doctoral Schools, Redox is the No. 1 French network for Doctoral Schools of Chemistry.

Its aim is to support and contribute to excellence in the Chemistry branch by seeking to attract the best of French and international talent.

Consequently, it contributes to educating Doctors of Chemistry and makes it easier for them to integrate into companies.

To do this, RedoX has set itself 4 main objectives:

Our actions


Network created


Launch of the 1st version of docteurs-chimie.org


1st compilation on the future of Doctors of Chemistry across the network.


Launch of the CV-jobs platform for Doctor of Chemistry theses and careers


Promotion of the employment base among entrepreneurs, trade fairs and doctoral students-business meeting days.

Beyond the annual general meetings, the network offers :

The young glycosciences chemists congress in Sète in May 2011.

54th Study Week in Organic Chemistry: SECO54 organised by PhD students in 2017 and awarding of a prize for best communication

Promotional tours for the French Chemistry PhD in China (2010 and 2011)

Axelera competitivity center in 2013.

Why join RedoX ?

Redox currently encompasses over 20 Doctoral schools across France. Under their responsibility, approximately 800 theses are successfully accepted every year.
Number of current PhD candidates with a thesis in chemistry
Thesis subjects distributed per year
Number of publications by PhD candidates and their educational team

Network administration

Incorporated as a non-profit organisation in July 2009, the RedoX Network encompasses nearly all single- or multi-disciplinary doctoral schools educating doctors of Chemistry.

The network also boasts a limited number of associate members, both natural and legal persons, involved along with the DS in the professional integration of Doctors of Chemistry.

Every DS regularly contributing to educating doctors of Chemistry can request membership by contacting us directly.

The Network is administered by an Office which is the Redoc executive body.

List of RedoX Office members


University Paris Saclay


President, University of Aix-Marseille


University of Orléan

Marie-Christine LALLEMAND

Treasurer, University of Paris Descartes


Vice-President of the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie, Paris

Jean-Serge REMY

University of Strasbourg

Mounir TAREK

Secretary, University of Lorraine, Nancy


University of Bordeaux